Joey C.

Tour Guide at Iona College

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Major: Mass Communications

Concentration: Advertising

Minor: Sociology


What has been your most memorable experience at Iona?

My most memorable experience at Iona College thus far would hands down have to be meeting my boyfriend at our Fall Involvement Fair; I helped him to sign up for our Gael Pride Club, which is our Gay-Straight Alliance. Being that I am the Treasurer, I oversaw the roster for the new members we added to the list, and I lucked out when I asked him out!

I felt that I have Moved The World by...

Informing many students as well as staff about how important acceptance and tolerance is in the world, and what it means to be diversified in today's society and culture.

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is hands-down the Harry Potter room on the second floor of Ryan Library; the layout of the room allows for me to sprawl myself out on the large tables to better layout my books and laptop when working on a project.

I chose to attend Iona College because...

I chose to attend Iona College because I found the community aspect of the school to be far surpassing that of any other school I had looked into prior to transferring here. I also had to take into account what it meant moving across the country, and I can honestly say that Iona College feels like my home away from home!

I'm passionate about...

Student Government Diversity LGBT Rights

I'm involved with...

SGA Pride Gael Guide
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