Katrina F.

Tour Guide at Iona College

Class of 2019


Major: Adolescent Education

Concentration: Social Studies

I felt that I have Moved The World by...

Participating in service projects. The Office of Mission and Ministry knows how to make service fun and productive!

What has been your most memorable experience at Iona?

I can't choose just one! I loved going on a mission trip to Nazareth Farm, West Virginia, and I loved both participating in and leading our Kiaros retreat. Currently, I am observing at a high school near by, which is giving me the experience I need to one day be a high school teacher myself. Every semester, new and exciting things come about, and I'm always eager to try new things! Every moment is a good one at Iona.

What is your favorite place on campus?

East Hall Hill! It was my front lawn freshmen year, and now I love to sit there in between classes to hang out.

I chose to attend Iona College because...

I initially applied for the outstanding education program. But once I visited, I loved the community feel on campus and loved how everyone was so friendly! I also loved all the opportunities offered to students, and getting involved was super easy and fun!

I'm passionate about...

Hanging with Friends being involved Tutoring Community Service

I'm involved with...

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