Marisa P.

Alumnus at Iona College

Current: Milford, CT

Major: Mass Communications

Concentration: Broadcast

Minor: Film Studies


My Schedule:

Wednesday, March 8- 10:00 am
Wednesday, March 29- 10:00 am

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I felt that I have Moved The World by...

Giving tours. I feel like a campus tour can really make or break a college for you. When I give my tours, I want to be able to provide as much information as I can to make your choice as easy as possible for you. Plus, I firmly believe that Iona is the first step to creating amazing people who will make the world a better place.

What is your favorite place on campus?

Definitely Doorley Auditorium. I probably spend a little too much time in there, but whenever I'm there I'm acting, directing, building and doing what I love, so time just flies by!

What has been your most memorable experience at Iona?

Being in the plays. I was having trouble adjusting to college life, but when I joined the Players, I immediately felt like I belonged! I really got to meet so many people that I never felt a lone on campus because there was always someone I knew walking by.

I chose to attend Iona College because...

Of the great internship opportunities. We are so close to the city, which provides us with such a wide array of connections and positions to apply to. Also, there is such a community feel to the school that really makes it easy for you to be on campus and away from home.

I'm passionate about...

Writing Playwriting Acting Poetry Film Theatre

I'm involved with...

ICTV WICR Iona Players
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